Ghana’s Vice President John Dramani Mahama has asked teachers to teach the curriculum and not form unofficial “churches”.

These teachers are exploiting their students by using them as fodder to build their businesses, which Mahama diplomatically calls an “unhelpful habit”.  I would call it unethical. Disturbingly these self-styled pastors are encouraging students to attend all night prayer services, putting their energies into prayer not study.

Religion should stay in the RE classes and the personal religious views of teachers should not impinge on the rest of the curriculum.

Woe–Aklorbordzi (V/R), July 04, GNA – Vice President John Mahama has deplored the “unhelpful habit” of some teachers forming churches in which they engage students instead of devoting themselves to academic work.

He said these teachers turned pastors influenced the students to put more energy into the activities of their churches including all-night vigils for personal gain rather than work on approved curricula designed to ensure a rounded education for our children.

Vice-President Mahama said this in an address delivered on his behalf at the launch of Aklorbordzi Development Foundation (ADF), a non-profit organization, instituted by the people of Aklorbordzi in Woe in the Keta Municipality.

He appealed to supervisors of schools to “ensure that our children do not become tools for those who want to make their personal fortunes in religion.”

Vice-President Mahama also urged District Directors of Education, Headmasters and the Christian Council of Ghana to step in to address the situation.