Some time in October of 2016, at a regular Free-thought meeting organized by the Humanist Association of Ghana(HAG), we were discussing I believe, how to be environmentally more conscious when our generous host, Helen List, raised the issue of Christmas trees. Every year, millions of trees are harvested for Christmas and join the dump-sites after Christmas. Artificial trees made of plastic also end up on dump-sites adding to the growing waste problem. The trees are undoubtedly a unique symbol of the holidays but their negative environmental impact meant we needed a rethink. Helen proposed that she will have her friends donate books from their libraries with which she will make a Christmas tree. This was the birth of the book drive.

The Christmas tree of donated books

Other members donated purchased books from book fairs while others supported monetarily.

The group identified the Kotobabi Cluster of Schools and Learning Support Solutions(LSS)as partners to roll out the initiative. LSS aims to use ICT to help teachers and students in their teaching and learning in order to help clarify key concepts, and to interest all students in class, with the aim of achieving better educational objectives. The schools in the cluster we are initially targeting areAyebeng Memorial Basic SchoolKanda North/Wilberforce Basic School, and Darul Hijra Islamic Basic School and Junior High School. Apart from books, refurbished laptops and other learning materials, we have identified some infrastructural problems which we hope to help with. For instance, the schools lack toilet facilities and access to potable water.

This holiday, we hope you build your Christmas Trees with books (and teaching materials). Help us by donating to our Book Drive.

You can contribute using our Tigo Mobile Money Account number 027–1012–436. You can also contribute by sending money directly to our bank with details below

Bank: GT Bank

Branch: One Airport Square

Account Name:Humanist Association of Ghana

Account no.: 223101353110

US Dollar (onshore): 223101353220

US Dollar (offshore): 223101353230

You can also email us at